Shnake Terms and Conditions

Last updated: April 16, 2020

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Shnake.

  1.  Certain Responsibilities


It is your responsibility to make sure that all information provided by you to Shnake is current, accurate, and complete, and that you will maintain the accuracy and completeness of this information going forward.

  1.  Certain Restrictions


Except as expressly permitted under other parts of this Agreement, you may not modify, reproduce, duplicate, copy, publish or create derivative works of:



Furthermore, you may not use the Application (Shnake) for any purpose that:



  1.  Shnake Rights


Shnake has the right to at any time suspend a user or terminate the user’s account and access to the Application if the user violates this Agreement or uses the Application in a way that is harmful to Shnake or any third party.

  1.  Copyright Infringement

Shnake respects the intellectual property of others, and asks you to do the same. You may not use the Application, the Content or any other materials from the Application in any manner that may infringe upon any copyright or other intellectual property right of Shnake or any third party.

  1.  Map Details

The map is powered by Google Maps. See Google Terms of services in this link:

  1.  Term


This Agreement shall continue in full force until either:


(i) You terminate your Account

(ii) Shnake terminates your access to the Application, with or without notice (the “Term”).


When this Agreement is terminated, you no longer have access to the Application Content.


  1.  Termination of Account


For purposes of clarity, you are entitled to terminate your Shnake account at any time. Choose “Delete account” or any corresponding function in the Application, or contact Shnake. Shnake will then delete or anonymise any personal information that can be attributed to you, except for certain information that Shnake by law may have to save and archive.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our Terms of Service for Users.

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